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Oakwood-Manges Football Tradition Resumes

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MISHAWAKA—For the first time since 2019, the Oakwood-Manges football game was played. The game has been played for many years on Bethel’s campus and is the campus’s only American football game that is traditionally played on campus every year.

“The game has been played for many years, dating back to when Manges was first built,” Manges Residential Director Johnny Bennett said. “Sailor Hall was built in 1999, and the game has been going on for a while now.”

In recent memory, the game has been dominated by Oakwood. The hall has won the game five of the last seven times, but Manges dominated the game early on winning seven in a row. Despite dominating as of late, Manges came out victorious the last time the game was played in 2019. Prior to that game, the last time Manges won was in 2013. This year, the game was played on Sunday, Oct. 24, a day that was cold and rainy. Oakwood won the game with a dominant first half, scoring two touchdowns. The final score of the game was 12-0.

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