Bethel Women’s Basketball Senior Night

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MISHAWAKA– Bethel Women’s Basketball held their senior night Feb. 16, when they honored the seniors of the team. The basketball team is losing five senior players. Maggie Deboy, Sandra Carlsten, Alba Garcia, Kara Sandy, and Maddie Hess are all graduating this year. 

Doug Porter, Head Coach, said the team will be losing both experience and steadiness that the seniors bring to the program, as he explained they are rarely flustered and show up and compete in each game they play. 

Porter also added what each individual senior brought to the team:

Deboy is a good leader, strong rebounder, and holds a steady presence on the court.

Carlsten is a strong wing and forward player and is a talented three-point shooter.

Garcia is a good three-point shooter, solid player all around, and scores often in the lane. 

Sandy has been out from an injury, and he wishes she could have been able to play and help the team out.

Hess grew up being a part of the program, and she has done a great job helping during practices and games.

Porter said, “all of them [the seniors] are good, solid people.” He explained that they have great character, contribute in many different ways, and that they will all be successful individuals after graduation. 

The Men’s Basketball Seniors before their game against No. 15 Saint Francis on Feb. 15. The Seniors were honored during pregame. From left to right is Zac Owens, who is joined by his mother, Garrett Suedekum, who is joined by his parents, Jani Griffith, who is joined by his parents, graduate assistant, Micah Gabler, who is joined by his father, and Men’s Basketball head coach, Steve Drabyn. Photo courtesy of Robert Schrock.
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