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Bethel University Prepares for Final Exams with a Midnight Breakfast

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MISHAWAKA- Midnight Breakfast took place on April 30 at 12:00 a.m. and was organized by
Campus Activities. This tradition occurs every semester on the Friday night right before final
exam week; students gather together in the Dining Commons at midnight for breakfast and
According to Shawn Holtgren, the vice president for student development, Midnight Breakfast
has been a tradition at Bethel since 1987. This event allows students to relax, participate in
games and spend time with friends before starting their final exams. The spring 2022 midnight
breakfast was more relaxed than in other semesters. Bethel’s staff still served breakfast to the
students, but there was no organized program. Students played board games and card games
at their tables and spent time with friends rather than participating in organized games.

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