The Athletic Department Continues to Achieve Its Goals

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MISHAWAKA—Every year, the Athletic Department aims to achieve four goals: spiritual formation, athletic development, servant leadership and academic excellence. Throughout the fall semester, the athletic department has made strides in all four of these goals. 

“We try really hard to keep it simple with our four main pillars,” Athletic Director Tony Natali said. “We want to have spiritual formation; we want to make sure we are Christ-centered. We want to make sure we are recruiting well so that we have full rosters and do well academically. We want to make sure, thirdly, that we are competitive in all of our sports. And fourthly, we want to make sure that we have a good culture on all of our sports teams, and that our kids are having fun with what they are doing.” 

One of the biggest challenges for Bethel athletics is the facilities. According to Natali, the biggest thing that he pushes his coaches towards is camaraderie and communication. This is because Bethel has limited facilities for its athletic programs, so it is paramount that the coaches communicate with one another about various things within the department. 

“We want to continue to have camaraderie, togetherness and focus,” Natali said. “There is not really any event that we will hold, but we will hold the Helm Awards in the spring. We’re excited about what we are doing. One thing we will be starting is an all-athlete Bible study in the second semester on the second and fourth Monday of every month that I will lead.” 

The Helm Awards is an event that the Athletic Department has held the past couple of years, and it gives them a chance to come together and celebrate the accomplishments of the athletic year. 

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