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New Facebook layout frustrates users


Facebook seems to be a little left-sided these days. No, the social network site has not gone Democratic, but it has adopted a new layout that places many of its navigation tools on the top left of the homepage rather than the bottom right. The new layout was ... More »

Economics majors discuss the economy


Countless news stories covering the ups and downs of the stock market and job losses have been burnt into the mind of every American for more than a year. Everyone has felt the effects of the current recession, including college students with the fear of findi... More »

Students abroad look forward to rest of semester


 Waterfalls. Kayaking. Rainstorms. Snorkeling. For the handful of students spending a semester abroad in the Pacific Rim, dreaded Indiana winters have been replaced with the year-round summer climate of New Zealand, the first long term stop on the trip’s 14 we... More »

Revamped biology major brings new opportunities


After two years of work Katie Weakland’s restructuring of the Biology major has been approved by the Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee (APCC). “I think people will be excited about it,” said Weakland, assistant professor of biology. The restructuring gi... More »

Texting while driving may soon be illegal in Indiana


Bethel freshman Jill Hammontree receives a text message while driving near campus. (Photo by Michelle Stoller)”Want to meet Jesus? Text and drive.” This message on a church’s marquee may seem ridiculous, but the subject of texting while driving has gained popu... More »

Facebook users face the facts about security


Pick a Bethel student at random, and you will probably find an active Facebook user. Bethel accounts are sometimes hacked, with no more serious consequences than silly changes to a relationship status. But recent events have proven Facebook users may be at a g... More »

May term in Hawaii fills up


A May term class in Hawaii is no longer available to students.  The class had a limit of ten students and those ten spots filled up quickly. The trip was coordinated by Dr. Katie Weakland, assistant professor of biology at Bethel. These May term abroad student... More »

Earthquake in Haiti causes tremors at Bethel


 When a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti last month a Bethel student felt the impact. Junior Beene Capre was born in Haiti. She moved to the United States when she was 5-years-old, but says she still has family who live in Haiti. “I can’t imagine what my pe... More »

Students produce TV news magazine show about Bethel


      It’s called “Bethel Prime Time” and it’s a 30-minute TV news magazine show that showcases different aspects of life at Bethel. The show was produced by students in a class taught by Director of Student Media Tim Ceravolo. “We worked on it during the whol... More »

May term offers tropical experience


 A group of May term students will depart for Hawaii on May 10, returning on May 28. The group will spend a week on the Hilo side of the island, a weekend at Hakalau Forest north of Hilo and several days near Kino. The trip is coordinated by Dr. Katie Weakland... More »

Bethel dean battles cancer


Kathy Gribbin, dean of students and residentiall life at Bethel College, has recently been faced with some new challenges. This past November, Gribbin’s mother passed away after a year-long battle of failing health following a stroke. Only days later, Gribbin ... More »

Bethel hosts services for fallen officer


It was a brisk January afternoon. Thousands stood along Mishawaka streets to show their support and respect. More than 400 police and emergency vehicles from around Indiana formed a procession through the Bethel College campus and then through the streets of M... More »