Intramural Updates: Successes of the Season

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MISHAWAKA— Intramurals bring many students together whether they are participating or coming out to support. This year for intramurals, Nick Geever, Resident Director of Oakwood and Director of Intramurals, said it has been nice to get back to some normalcy since coming out of COVID-19. 

Last year, many events had to be canceled or reformed due to the pandemic. Geever said there were not many expectations to conform to, which gave some freedom and opportunity for new ideas.

“Knowing that there is always something available for the students is really what we are excited to have back,” Geever said. 

This intramural season opened with volleyball, which is the sport that Bethel’s campus rallies hard for. Over 100 people signed up for this season and there was huge student support turnout the first and last weeks of games. 

“[It’s really exciting] just being involved with each other and seeing community again,” Geever said. 

A variety of games have already happened this year. The 3v3 basketball season is wrapping up and the last game will be right before Thanksgiving break. The Manges vs Oakwood football game was back in action this year, as it did not take place last year. In addition, during the GO2BU weekend, despite the bad rainy weather, there was a disc golf tournament. About 30 people came and participated. Between funds provided by admissions and intramurals, almost everyone that participated received a gift card or prize of some kind.

“[It’s] definitely fun just to see some of those traditions come back,” Geever said”

Geever said there have been a few injuries over the course of the semester but that does not overrule the fun that is had by students. 

“In spite of those injuries, we were really impressed with just how well the teams presented spirit for themselves, but also respect for the other team,” Geever said. 

For next semester, students should expect to see Futsal and Spike ball. 

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