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Bethel Hosts Networking Event

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MISHAWAKA- The 21st Century Scholar program at Bethel University is hosting its first networking event.  

AmeriCorps Member in charge of 21st Century Scholars, Andrew Miranda is partnering with Bethel’s career and development office to put on a networking event designed to help students prepare for their futures. Miranda said that everyone needs to be able to do a good interview, provide a good resume, and be to explain their own value and what things they bring to the table. 

The goal of this event is for Bethel students to learn, make connections and be able to present themselves in a professional way. There will be lectures as well as workshops to help the students practice these skills. 

This event will take place at 6 p.m., on Feb. 22, in AC 219. For more information contact Andrew Miranda or Tyler Grant. 

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