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Campus Safety Addresses Police Activity Near Bethel’s Campus

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MISHAWAKA— On Saturday, Jan. 22, students received an alert at 9:23 p.m. instructing them to find and stay in a secure place. Campus Safety sent out this alert in response to police activity occurring near campus. 

The alert came because of an incident that occurred between the police and a suspect. Paul Neel, director of Campus Safety, explained that the police were pursuing a man in their vehicles until the man exited his vehicle. The police notified campus safety shortly after, as the suspect exited his vehicle near campus. Neel explained that there was no confirmation that the man ever made it to campus. 

Campus safety acted quickly, securing all buildings and making sure all students received the alert. The police searched Bethel’s campus but found no sign of the suspect.  

Neel expressed his appreciation to the students for responding well to the alert and staying in a secured location.  

Students should report any suspicious activity that they see on campus. They can call Campus Safety anytime at 574-807-7500, and they can call or text 574-292-8100 to reach Campus Safety as well.  

Neel explained that students can reach out for any activity that they may believe does not seem right. He expressed that it is always better to have Campus Safety check something out when students may feel uneasy about something on campus than to say nothing at all. 

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