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Bethel Students Take Civil Rights Trip and Host Open House

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MISHAWAKA- Over spring break Bethel University offered students the opportunity to go on a Civil Rights Heritage Trip. Ten students attended the trip along with Professor Amber Beamer- Rohde. 

On Monday, April 11, from 4 p.m. until 5:30 p. m., the ten students who went on the trip held an open house in the Presidents Dining Room. Each of the students had a creative outlet that they used to express their thoughts and emotions the trip brought about in them. These creative outlets from each student are what was shown at the open house. Aimee Smith, one of the students who attended the trip chose writing for her creative outlet and planned to share a poem and a story. She said the trip showed her some hard things to talk about. Another student who went on the trip was Elijah Dillenbeck who chose to journal for his outlet, he planned to submit those for the open house. The open house also featured information about J.L. Chestnut, who had a large part in the civil rights movement. According to Dillenbeck, the team was able to spend time with Chestnut’s son during the trip. 

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