Bethel Athletic Department Works to Build Family Culture Among Athletes

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MISHAWAKA—Since Athletic Director, Tony Natali, stepped into his position, one of the things he has tried to push is bringing his athletes closer to one another. He has started to do this with a variety of events within the athletic department. This has included events such as all-athlete games or the helm awards.

“I don’t like silos,” said Natali. “I don’t like it when you have different sports that are in silos. With as many athletes as we do on this campus, it was important for me to improve the culture and the family culture here. I want to make sure everyone is supporting each other.”

The idea behind the all-athlete games is to get athletes to support their fellow students here on campus by attending the first home game of the season. By doing this it helps the attendance of some sports and keeps the family culture around each team.

“I think between the all-athlete days and the helm awards they have helped the comradery,” said Natali. “By having all of the athletes in the same place, at the same time it has helped build that cross-support system.”

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