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The efforts of getting a big name concert on campus

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By Alex Tsikouris With the upcoming Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath concert coming to Bethel on Tuesday, Oct 12, Student Council is hard at work. Student Council President Rosten Hamman said the concert has required a lot of planning. “This summer, the new executive council met at Dr. Oglesbee’s house a few times and discussed a few goals,” said Hamman. “We came up with the idea of hosting a large name concert, and when we started looking, we noticed that the two bands were playing nearby.” Hamman went on to talk about the behind the scenes work that he and the rest of the council started to do to ensure the concert became a go. “The beginning step was to assign the executives to different roles,” said Hamman. “We started by e-mailing their booking agency, and after many hours of hard work, got a contract that we all basically need to memorize which has been a lot of work and easily over 40 hours.” Oglesbee said it has also been a lot of work for him. “I alone have easily logged in over 100 hours,” said Oglesbee. “The big stresses have involved making sure that we put together an event that makes Bethel look good. Whenever you try to do something that has the potential for 3000 people to descend on campus, there are a lot of details that have to be thought out ahead a time. Also, it is a huge financial risk; the total cost of the concert will be $20,000 - $22,000, and if it falls flat StuCo will be pretty inactive for the rest of the year. There was also a lot of stress involved when they nearly canceled our show due to an overbooking by the agent.” Although Student Council has not worked personally with the members of the bands, they have kept in touch with the tour manager who has told Oglesbee everyone seems happy with the way the show is shaping up. Tickets are available at the ticket booth located in Everest Rohrer Chapel Building and the Bethel College Bookstore. Both of which have special Bethel Student pricing of $8 while the offer lasts.
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