Bethel Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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MISHAWAKA- It’s time for celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month on the campus of Bethel University. This month of celebrating heritage includes a movie night, salsa night and a celebration chapel.  

Friday, Sept. 23 the movie West Side Story was shown in Sailor Hall. Students were invited to watch the movie, hang out and eat popcorn. Later that weekend on Sunday, Sept. 25 there was a night of salsa dancing in Sufficient Grounds. Several students showed up to hear the music and learn how to salsa dance with their friends. The night of salsa dancing was put on by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team, in conjunction with the Latino Student Fellowship and Campus Activities.  

According to Colletta Rhoads, Bethel’s diversity and intercultural specialist, these events are meant to help students with Hispanic heritage to feel at home on Bethel’s campus. She also hopes to provide new cultural experiences for the other students on campus.   

“Part of our heart is that Bethel feels like home,” said Colleta Rhoads. 

There will be a chapel on Oct. 10 to wrap up the celebrations of Hispanic Heritage month.  

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